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2018-12-02 00:03:52 (UTC)

Random Assortment - November 2018

December 1, 2018 Saturday 11:04 PM

This month happened so quickly.

This is a Problem by Great Northern

Get Some by Ghosted ft. Kamille

Locket by Crumb

Romulus by Sufjan Stevens [man I always end up loathing this guy's music after, like, 2 listens]

Sixteen, Maybe Less by Iron and Wine & Calexico [love how steady the drumming is]

The Next Four Months by Okkervil River [idk how Okkervil River always manages to make the most fucked up lyrics sound so light]

Dead Man's Will by Iron and Wine & Calexico

Go First by Damien Jurado [another situation in which I get super bored of his songs after about 2 listens]

Another Radio Song by Okkervil River [love! the way! this song ups in intensity as it goes on!]

Waltz #2 by Elliott Smith [this will always be a favorite. I was feeling nostalgic earlier this month and played this a lot]

Love to a Monster by Okkervil River

Inevitable by Damien Jurado

Death of an Interior Decorator by Death Cab for Cutie [one of their best songs tbh. Never get tired of the simple storytelling]

Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine [I can only listen to so much of Iron & Wine, they are just so—sad]

Slow Show by The National

Only You by The Platters

Sleepwalking by Modest Mouse

On Tour with Zykos by Okkervil River [lov... that piano motif... and fav lyric: "I just want to make this white lie big enough to climb inside with you" ugh so good]

Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National [I WAS CARRIED... TO OHIO IN A SWARM OF BEEEEEES]

Passenger Side by Wilco [yer gonna make me spill mah beeeer.....if yew don't lern how ta steeer!]

Conversation 16 by The National [fuck I love this song! He sings: IIiiiiii'm eeeeeviiiilllll]

Gospel by The National [let me come over I can waste ur time ouch it hurts its so soft and lonely and desperate—very reminiscent of my inner monologue, which is desperate for human touch and sometimes, stupidly, considers dating her female friends which would be so easy to do with the one caveat being her unyielding heterosexuality]

Slipped by The National

Rylan by The National

You Were a Kindness by The National [There's a radiant darkness upon, but I don't want you to worry/ I was careful but nothing is harmless/ Baby you better hurry]

Afraid of Everyone by The National

Wake Up Your Saints by The National

All the Wine by The National [love love love love love]

Karen by The National

Secret Meeting by The National

Abel by The National

The Geese of Beverly Road by The National

City Middle by The National