Random feelings
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2018-12-01 21:57:56 (UTC)

Book I’m working on

Hello, so I know that this is meant to be a diary, but I’m a bit scared to show this to people as it isn’t fully completed and I’m worried as to what they will say. Please can you read my story so far and tell me what you think about it. Thanks

“I thought you were my friends”
Tears ran down her face as her friends muffled her with her own jumper. Her ‘friends’ laughing at her every struggle to escape as they basically chocked her.
“There’s no such thing as friends when your at this school” Sophia screamed, producing spit with every word.
“You’ll never be good enough for us”
“Your such a retard”
They’re just some of the horrific things Susan heard that day. The abuse she received on a daily basis and this was all that she needed, to loose her closest and only friends.

Blood slowly ran down her beaten mouth as she lay back on her bed.
“Why does the bad stuff always happen to good people” she always wondered this. I might as well just end it all.
*bang* the door threw open.
“I know that I’ve never treated you like I should but I never want you to say any thing like that, your my baby girl and I think I would die if anything happened to you”
“But mum, I’ve lost everything, friends, hope and worst of all, dignity. I’m being framed for things I didn’t do. Getting hacked so it seems like it was me. I get called horrific things every day and get called even worse things if I run to a teacher. I can’t deal with the things that happen everyday, and you say these reassuring things but I know that you wouldn’t be able to deal with it either” then, Susan realised what she had to do. Run. It was what she’s been good at since she was little. She ran before walking, she’s been on every running team going. So now it was time to use this talent. So later that day, she grabbed a duffle bag, packed it with food, water, toothbrush, toothpaste and some spare clothes. She smashed open her mums savings jar. £2210.50, enough for now, until she needs to stop moving. So off she ran.

2 days later
“Phew, am I glad that this place has a children’s discount or what, for 3 months, It will cost £500. Also very glad that the man didn’t cause that I didn’t have my parents with me”.
Now Suzan is all alone. Just her and her thoughts.she always knew that she was better of alone and now she’s proving it to herself. All these times that she’s been more mature than everyone else. Smarter and better than everyone else. Thinking about it just reminds her of the words she used to be called. “Nerd” “bookworm” just a few of the incorrect assumptions. She was only ever a bookworm because no one would be her friend

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