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2018-12-01 12:48:46 (UTC)

Morning gym so hard with cozy bed

I woke up not wanting out of bed. The new fleece sheets, blanket, and pillow covers makes my bed so freaking cozy. I did eventually get up and go to my Saturday morning gym session. I'm self assessing myself. My right should feels 90% better. Muscles all happy there now. My right knee no longer hurts at all. My left elbow pain ( caused by missing a left jab at the punching bag) is at 60%. So I'm pretty much healed. lol . My weight was back down to 156 this morning. Not quite 155 but by next week, I'll be good to go. Not sure if I can hit my 149 like I did because I loved that weight. I was stronger and flying high at that weigh. But it may have been too light for me. I dunno.

I made it to the gym and the Toyota Tacoma that I've been wanting happens to be a truck one of my gym friends own. So he was kind enough to take me for a test drive. Went on the freeway, side streets, some bumps, etc. I love it even more now. Great turning radius even with his 6' bed. Smooth ride. Quiet on the freeways. Comfortable ride. Lots of gizmos to enjoy. Maybe just maybe, I can have 10 Grand saved by summer so I can go camping and go kayak fishing without hauling my trailer around. Maybe :)

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