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2018-12-01 16:16:11 (UTC)

A Little Bit Of Luck

I stayed up really late last night, I didn't go to sleep until about 4am. I was hammering Final Fantasy XIV, levelling my Scholar. I'm usually drawn to support and healing jobs/classes in video games because I've done it for a really long time and it's what I excel best at. Scholar is quite interesting and I love the way their gear looks, it looks very educational and student-y, which is fitting because I'm studying.

I woke up at 1:30pm today, I checked my phone to see that I had received a text from somebody regarding a job I had applied for last week. My friend Aaron from college told me to apply for this place, he works there too. They organise events and stuff, I think its bar work primarily. I don't really have any experience in it but if they are offering training then how hard can it be? I told my friend that I had to go in for an 'assessment' on Thursday at 4pm. He said "Congrats man, you got it!". This place seems ideal because you can pick your own shifts and stuff, whatever works for you. It'll be great for me whilst I'm studying. I can do my four days of college and then work the other days. I could even work on the Friday because I finish college at 12pm. I don't wanna get carried away but, damn I needed this!

It's really set me up for the day and I genuinely feel positive and hopeful. Maybe it's also down to the fact that my parents put our Christmas decorations up yesterday. I'm a real sucker for Christmas, it's my favourite, I love it so much. My plans for the rest of the day are to play FIFA for a while with one of my best friends and then I'm going to be watching the Fury/Wilder boxing match later tonight; I am super hyped for that, I love boxing. Admittedly it's a dying sport but it's making a bit of a comeback. It's going to be a hell of a bout with both men unbeaten, but I fancy Fury to take it. I could honestly see Fury beating Wilder and then going on to beat Joshua. We'll have to wait and see. Either way, it's going to be a great match!

Oh I forgot to mention, we're getting a dog! I can't believe it. My mum has wanted a dog for a really long time and my dad has always said no. We're apparently taking in some dog that is free to a good home. You would never guess the dogs name though...Alan. Fucking Alan. Alan the dog. Why?! That's animal cruelty surely? I'm kidding of course. But yeah, we pick him up on Monday! I'm pretty hyped. I'll finally have a companion and I'll feel less alone.