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2018-11-29 21:12:58 (UTC)

Decent day

Work was fine today. Mostly meetings to attend but you know what? I get paid to sit in it so yeah, it's good. Ate good today so I hope by the end of the week, I'll be back to 155 lbs again. I was at 160 after Thanksgiving. Sure was a lot of thanks regarding food alright. I was around 157 I think this morning. Hope by the end of Saturday, I'll be back at 155. My lowest so far was 149 a month or so ago. I think that was partly because of my what I call "divorce diet" but maybe not. Hopefully it was due to eating right and working out. I still recall everything was so much easier to do at 149. I was flying around at the gym. I was a fastest a couple of times when we did laps. Now for me to say that, we're talking about beating younger peeps in their 20s, and 30s.

Anyway, I'm also finding that lighting scented candles at night or those oil diffusers works pretty good too. I'm doing good. Not text, emailing, calling and still unfollowing the ex gf. I think this is so crucial to do when in recovery. I also follow a few youtube videos regarding self awareness, breakups, and what not. I'm learning a lot about your mind, thoughts, assessing what and how I feel. So much shit I wouldn't have even know about if I didn't break up. Now I know. Now I see better.

Then the one must do no matter what the hell you chose to do is to got to an exercise type of class. One that has class intermingling involved. I'm friends with one of the ladies I call "fake Hawaiian". I call her that because once, she came in with a University of Hawaii shirt. I had to go and say hi immediately since I'm from Hawaii. I asked if she's from Hawaii or went to that University. She says no, none of that. So the next thing that popped into my head was "fake Hawaiian". She laughed and I've been calling her that ever since.

Another lady happens to have the same name as my ex gf. She got the history of it and told her her name sucks and in a playful way, I pretend to hate her company. She is cool with it and we make fun of it really. I told her that I'm blaming her parents for naming her Txxx. She actually did tell her parents that. It's all in fun. But now, I call her Mrs. T .

Another friend is another cutie and we've been friends for awhile now. She is one of the only ones in the gym that knows I was bummed out breaking up with my ex gf. Anyway, she is a kick ass athletic lady. I have a hard time keeping up with her. I call her "Superstar".

Then another lady that actually goes to the next session after mine. We get to chat a few min everyday now. Another cute but very short lady. Don't have a nickname for her yet and we don't work out together so I just call her by her real name.

Like I said, the gym is so much fun. Working out is like play. I've been hurting a bit this week though. My left elbow, my right shoulder, and my right knee. I'll be alright though. I'm noticing my shoulder definition are getting better. haha

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