Experienced Life
2018-11-28 20:12:21 (UTC)

How Pathetic of Me

So... I think I've been feeling a little sorry for myself because of a few bumps on the road. I went to the dentist and I'll need a crown. That'll cost me. Then I will have to consult with a neurologist soon. Gotta have a fix for my enlarged prostate. Not life ending shit but an enlarged prostate makes you have to pee way more than you have to. So... not being with my gf anymore and these issue made me feel sorry for myself I guess. Pretty pathetic now that I think of it.

Here I am. Watching TV on my now dying tv. Yet, I ordered a new 75" screen smart TV. Sure, I'm alone but here I am, I have the heater on. I'm eating cheese, crackers, and salami. Sitting curled up on my lazyboy recliner. I have a bottle of wine right next to me on the coffee table. Watching one of my favorite movies but feeling sorry for myself. Until now. I realize it and caught myself and saw my own little petty pity party I am giving myself.

I should be grateful. I have a nice warm home. I have anything I want to eat, drink, or whatever. Watching cable that is paid for. I'm almost ashamed for bitching about my life. I have so much more than most people and yet I'm not happy because of a little breakup? Fuck me!!! What a pussy I am. I see that now. Trying to earn my man card.

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