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2018-11-28 18:39:00 (UTC)

After work fun

Hit the gym after work. I did pretty good. I'm becoming more and more friendly to the regulars there (male and female) so it's not a lot of time before, during, and after the workouts but I do get to chat with some ladies. Sometimes you don't need to have a special friend. Just small chit-chat with the ladies is good enough. I'm feeling better now after this morning.

The lady that cleaned my teeth was actually very friendly and gentle with her cleaning. At first, I was in a crappy mood but with my newfound skills, I know I'm supposed to just be nice to any and all people. Especially the ones that are initiating the friendly conversation. So I did a 180 and was nice back to my dental hygienist.

Work was a breeze today. Nothing major to do. I had a good healthy lunch with two of my buddies. Now I'm home after the gym. Possibly do a couple of "to dos" to feel constructive at home and then a late dinner, movie, and some wine I'm guessing. I ate right today and I'll make sure I have a healthy dinner. I hope I brought my weight down. I need to be back at 155 again much less my record 149. Not sure if I can hit that again. Let's stick with 155 for now.