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2018-11-29 02:15:24 (UTC)

Prompt 001: Travel to the Past

1. If you could travel back to any time in the past, what date would you choose and why? Would you attempt to influence past events while you were there? Why or why not?

[NOTE: These first entries are related to The Past.]


I'm having a tough time coming up with a single event or specific time. But yes, I almost without fail knew I would want to influence events. Being just a witness would be kind of worthless and personally I think would be a waste of the opportunity.

Where did history take a wrong turn?

I first thought very myopically. I would have gone back to the day my (now ex-) wife and I went ring-shopping and took her out for pie and burgers instead. I thought back to a time more recently, when I was hit by a car while riding back to the day job office because I had forgotten my keys. Obviously, I would have reminded myself to bring my keys home so I wouldn't have needed to go back out on my bicycle and be hit by a car.

Then I was thinking more broadly. Like, I would have gone back and stopped Adolph Hitler's parents from fucking. An entire month, if necessary. I would have stopped and entire host of entertainers from touching kids: Roman Polanski, David Bowie, Jimmy Page, Woody Allen.

I wonder if I would have caused a leak in one of Christopher Columbus' boats. Maybe all three of them.

I would have told JFK to stay home that day. I would have told MLK to stay home that day. I would have punched holes in the fuel tanks of the Enola Gay. I would have made sure Bill Clinton hadn't signed NAFTA. I would have voted "not guilty" for Sacco and Vanzetti.

If I were to be part of some sort of notable event, I would have wanted to be one of the first people to make it to the South Pole or the North Pole.

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