the secrets of an average teen
2018-11-27 13:04:11 (UTC)

cry for help

Today I realized I'll be okay in the end. As long as I push through, I'll be fine. I'm in honest need of money. I'm currently broke and on empty and had to use my 13$ in quarters to pay for gas today. I'm literally a broke college student who has 3 jobs but still can't afford anything. At least I'm getting my car and phone paid off. Now it's just time to focus on budgeting money and trying to find a plan to help save myself some money for the future.

I had a doctors appointment today and talked about my excessive weight gain and my insomnia, sadly she just told me to take these Melatonin pills and thats it.
That didn't help at all. I'm just glad that we finally figured out what has been going on with me in years. I always felt empty inside but I'm glad we finally figured out it was just a small hole in my heart that won't affect me unless I have a stroke. :)