Experienced Life
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2018-11-26 16:03:49 (UTC)

Ups and downs in life

Forgot my wallet in my friend's car last night. Gonna meet up with her later to pick it up. Feeling a little down today. I knew there will be days like this and today is one of them. I wonder why I'm down and I think it's because I forgot my wallet in my friend's car and last night on the way home, I told my friend I really need to go pee and so she had to pull over at a gas station.

I guess this makes me feel like an old stupid broken down fool. I even had my doctor check out my issue about having to go pee a lot. I got an ultra sound last week and it confirms that I have a moderately sized prostate. Well that sucks. I want it fixed. I will now consult with a urologist to see what options I have. This unfortunately isn't something going to the gym can fix. Going to the gym fixed my high blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels, weight, endurance, etc, etc but it can't fix this.

So I don't think it'll be a big issue should I need surgery but I'm guessing I'm a little down because I gotta do this on my own. No backup to help me. I'm sure I will find a bunch of my friends that'll eventually take me to the hospital and maybe even take care of me during my recovery but I have to admit that in the back of my head, it would've been nice to have someone to help me during the tougher times that have enjoyed moments of good times too. But alas, this is something I don't have so it is what it is. Sigh...

Well, I need to get ready and meet my friend that has my wallet. Need it for darts tonight so thanks for being there diary to let me spill my virtual guts. I'm guessing I'll spill my real guts later if I need some kind of prostate surgery. lol