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2018-11-25 20:54:40 (UTC)

Wine tasting

So I went wine tasting with my friends. How the hell can that go wrong? lol. It was a nice day today. I had so much fun. I was with friends. One friend is a cute, I've known her for 9 years but she is so messed up in regards to boyfriend relationships.. She don't know how to pick guys and over the years, I've teased her about it quite a bit. We had a blast talking shit about how she is cute she is but she should just shut up and take pictures and not say anything. She is better that way. My friends thought is was funny.

All day long, we said shit like that. We drank and we bought some cool stuff from this place called Apple Hill. I bought some frozen pies and other things that will taste great when I"m sober enough to remember and cook them :) I know enough to at least put them in the freezer in the meantime. Later diary :)

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