how did i get here?
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2018-11-26 00:45:00 (UTC)

All I've Ever Known

So, it's only 35 days left until 2019. y.
And only 27 days until the 22nd birthday of mine.

I am fat, I have no life and I have fucked up my studies. Sad story. But there are people that really love me and respect me, and support me. I don't know why but I often forget about them. At the moment here is 1.02 am, and my sister is talking with me about names for her kids. She is only 17. I am listening to “Veliki Prezir“ and their music is really suitable for windy, rainy, autumn night. I have to study, actually. But, before that, I have to write about my “LAST MINUTE 2018 GOALS”.
So, at the moment I have an ugly haircut, 110 kilograms, and problems with motivation, concentration, and self-discipline.
I have to change it immediately! Why? Because I want to love myself and to be the best in things that I am in love with – as linguistics!

So, goals:
– to do water fasting, 40 days of it!
– to organize me somehow for studying for exams – kill it, girl!
– dye and cut my hair on the 20th of Dec.
– don't talk to people before spring, you don't need them!
– do 30-day squatting challenge;
– do some new piercings;
– don't spend any money for 15 days!
– polyphasic dream – you should only sleep 2 to 4 hours per day!

Let's start!

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