Bloodstain Sun

The Book Of Counted Sorrows
2001-10-10 23:42:26 (UTC)

i haven`t written in here in..

i haven`t written in here in like forever. been busy. i`m
alive tho. me and travis like broke up again like 2 months ago. i
love him, always will but i don`t care anymore. sorta have a thing
for cody now. he`s been really great lately, someone like him`s what
i`ve been needing for a long time. i was gonna go with dani and
melissa to like some chuch to meet this guy ben who has a crush on me
but i`m sick so i didn`t go, so sad. um, nothing`s really happened
since i wrote in here last, i`ve cut myself a lot but not trying to
committ suicide, `s hard to explain why i do it and i`m to lazy to
type anymore. peace.