Do Not Disturb

2018-11-24 03:33:12 (UTC)

What A Weekend ???

Dear journal,

Thanksgiving break has come to an end. Sadly to say. But theirs always Christmas break.

I spent the weekend with my dad. Watched the Auburn vs. Alabama game. It was great seeing him again.

I'm still feeling a bit sick. But nothing serious. More like a runny nose and coughing nonstop and I hate having a stuffy nose to the point where it feels like you can't breath and have to breath out of your mouth instead. But I just took some Daytime medicine. It will go away eventually.

We pretty much watched movies nonstop. And those movies are "Crazy Rich Asians", "Life Of The Party", "Hotel Transylvania 3", "XIV "( or something like that). Out of those 4 movies Crazy Rich Asians I highly recommend such a great movie. It was 2 hours long but so worth watching and definently going on my list of favorite movies. And honestly I don't think i even have a favorite movie. I like them all. Well, I'm more of a romance kind of person. So,basically anything that has the word romance in it I will watch it. Also Drama,comedy,and a bit of Action. I mean...

What is life wiithout a little bit of action???


My brother is gone back with my dad. So, my mom can start paying attention to me again. Gosh, I sound jealous but it's true. It's like her life revolves around only with him. I mean yea sure she doesn't get to see him like she wants to but the only reason he's living with my dad is to play football.

Would it be different if we switched places ???

Probably not. Oh well.

I met their dog for the second time. His name is Snoop. They dressed him up and everything. It was very cute and as you should know by now I love dogs. I was also thinking about becoming a veterinarian one day.

Once I got home to my dog he sniffed on me because I've been around him. He does that. And no I'm not cheating on my dog. I can't help it if, I'm a dog person.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One