girls dont cry
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2018-11-22 07:22:57 (UTC)

remind me

you stay because he is the first boy
to have ever spread your legs apart
with the promise that tomorrow
he would be back to do it again
and again
and again

you roll the taste of him over on your tongue
smile to yourself about something that he said
3 years ago
when he didn't even know who you were

i think he loved you better
before he saw how much you loved him back
cause we want the things that we can't have
and you let him have you so easily

remind me why
do you stay with him
when you know
he takes you for granted?

you take his love on your back and neck
and arms and head and heart
trying to beat him to the punch
never worked in the first place

you make yourself weak
so it is easier for him
to let himself in
when he's feeling alone
(he leaves you lonely)