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2018-11-25 03:33:59 (UTC)

Making a game

I tried to figure out the gui of renpy, so I could start customizing shit but DAMN is it hardd. I did a little bit and put in some placeholder photos. I still want to continue making the game though cause it's unbelievably fun. The game is... OF COURSE an otome game. 2D BOYFRIENDS RULE!!! Also, I hope future me has a boyfriend in the future, or anyone... at all. I keep thinking about how better I'll be when I'm like 20, but I'm probably not going to change, which sucks. but instead, my mindset should be to change now, for the future. Oh and on this website there's Grammarly and it's showing me how much typos I make. Is there Grammarly in the future, like is it as popular or will it be a dead company? I'm writing this like I'm writing to my future self because I know I won't be honest if I don't. Oh! and I have a social quiz and math unit test tomorrrowww I mean not tomorrow on Monday, the worst day of every week. It's kind of nice thinking about how the unit test and social quiz won't matter like at all for my future self. Also, I'm currently wondering if I have social anxiety, but I don't think I do. Maybe I'm just stupid. ALSO ALSO I think I hate myself a little bit. Right now it's ok but earlier while I was getting popeye's with Dad I really felt it, but it's probably a one-time thing. I wonder if future me is cringing right now. I cringe at myself even if it was recent. Sometimes I think about whether future me will live in Calgary or not. Right now I want to go to art school somewhere far but still in Canada but the life I'm thinking of is probably not going to be the reality. I want to say it definitely won't be real but I still like to hope. And I want to keep using this website maybe typing it out on the computer will be better for me, so I can actually continue writing in the diary.

I'm going to play the sims 4 (pirated! hehe!)now see you later future me.
also if I run out of things to talk about next diary entry:
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-comic ideas
- 15 yr old me and my ideas about parenting.
- game progress
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