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2018-11-24 10:38:25 (UTC)

Daily life realizations

Today, I had another great workout. My arms/shoulders were still hurting but you know what? Working out gets the chemicals to kick in and take the pain away. Dopamine or whatever it is that you build naturally kicked in and my arms/shoulders don't hurt so much anymore. At least for now. haha.

Also, I had another great moment. There is a song by the Black Eyed Peas called "I got a feeling". I liked that song because when I first dating the ex gf, I'd hear it in the gym and it boosted my workout. I had an extra oomph in my routing because I was feeling high because the relationship at the time was fresh and strong. When I heard it again today, I was first thinking "oh oh" here comes the bad shit. But as the music played, I got my mojo back and it still gave me an extra step or two in my workout.

I was surprised!! So driving home, I thought about it and why it gave me a totally different feeling from what I thought it'd do to me. I now understand why I felt good. It's because I'm not looking back. Instead, when I hear this, I'm looking towards the future. Early one these past couple of months, I was doing what I needed to do following what I read or watched on youtube. I was consciously following steps to get myself back on my feet. Doing as I'm learning. Some books and speakers are full of it and probably just want to take my money. They prey on the peeps that are heartbroken and want you to pay for their services. Some actually really do make sense.

Anyway, now that I've been consciously making or trying to make the right choices, decisions, and actions, I'm just seeing how it's starting to pay off. Now, it's unconsciously starting to happen. It's almost like watching myself and I'm seeing shit that I like. I'm going what? That's me reacting or feeling this way? Who am I and what did I do to the real me? lol

I'm liking what's in store for me even though I don't know quite what it is yet but I am happy!!! A rush of good feeling ran up my back and I have to smile. I know this isn't going to be a straight uphill battle. There will be ups and downs. I know that. There will be future posts where I feel like shit and feel life sucks. I know that too. But I also know that I still got some fight in me and I am ready to rock it!!! :)

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