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2018-11-23 21:35:29 (UTC)

Another good day

So, I had another good day. Went to an early movie with my friends. Came back to my place for leftovers. Bullshitted around with fun conversations. Afterwards, I went to the gym and guess what? No one else showed up except for me. So I was one-on-one with the coach. A class of one. haha. It was great. I got my gym fix for sure. Doubt it will ever happen again.

I got a facebook memory again with what's her face and I'm more than glad that my heart is doing much better. I'm fine. I finally know and believe II don't have to have a woman to be happy. Nothing wrong with having a woman at all. It's just that if you are unhappy, finding a woman won't make you happy. Just maybe temporarily happy but you anxiety, fears, worry, will not go away. It's up to you to be happy on your own. No one can fix that. Funny, all your life you think there are things you feel you have to have to be happy but only recently did I find out you don't. Better late than never I guess. There may be some people that never find that out. I'm glad I see better now.

I look forward to what life has in store for me. Loving life right now. Not saying there aren't negatives in me. My ego is still telling me I'm a piece of shit sometimes but I now know that it's bullshit and I got a lot going for me that I took for granted. knowledge is power. Happy happy joy joy :)

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