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2018-11-23 10:12:36 (UTC)

Woke up feeling the workout from last Wed

So last Wed at the gym, one of our workouts was to lift dumbbells over our head but one arm at a time. Using our legs, we push the dumbbell up and holding it up with our arms extended to where we touch our ears. Hard to describe and I forgot what it was called but of all the stuff we did, I feel it now. Arms are hurting just lifting it up. lol. But I know this means my muscles are torn and is rebuilding to be bigger and more toned.

Today's gym session is called booty Friday. They focus on the butt and leg muscles so that's good because my freaking arms are hurting right now. Don't get me wrong. The pain I'm feeling is great. I know what it means. The dopamine or whatever it is you body creates when working out is soooo good for me. After today's workout (If I don't get carried away shopping on black Friday) my butt and leg muscles should be hurting the day after. Even now, when I get undressed and I'm in my underwear, I have to admit I now look at my butt in my mirror and my ass is not sagging like some old peeps. haha. Looks good. I'm almost embarrassed to even post this because it's so stupid but the gym knows how to work on your overall body. Not just arms, or legs, or whatever. They got a good overall program and since I go almost every freaking day, I don't miss any. I know we do stuff that works on our back muscles because I know I feel pain back there too. I just can't see my back so I'm just gonna have to believe something is going on back there.

We had a good time last night. I hosted the 2nd of our Turkey dinners. Food was good. My friend is a great cook and we had more than enough to eat. Lots of leftovers. I made a smoked ham and cauliflower mash potatoes. Bottomless wine too of course. 3rd and final turkey dinner is this Saturday at Oakland. My friend's daughter is hosting this one. I was invited and they are going tonight and do some tourist stuff but I don't think I'm going. Too much for me to do at home and I don't want to miss too many gym sessions. I think they are going to a tree lighting in San Francisco tonight but meh.... too much fun for me. I need to try to not spend so much money. Still trying to maybe buy a new Toyota Tacoma. Maybe a used one but it's still so freaking expensive.

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