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2018-11-23 15:15:40 (UTC)

A start too late.

I have never done this before, or i have, but never really continued with the thought of doing a Diary entry. I guess i have just never really had anything to talk about. I guess i should start for an Ease of mind.

After a long time of knowing someone, you can expect a heartbreak from them or even loosing them. The saddest thing is, from then to now, the change that i went through to try better how i am, only to still loose them. Some of those friends that you held Dear to you will leave, but they can never be forgotten. For good reasons at that. I will probably feel depressed for a good while. There have been a few people that were so called friends, but none will leave a scar as big as those that were close to me in my heart.

I feel now like i have been before i opened myself up. Distant and isolated from everyone. It will stay like that for awhile. I need to Collect myself and try better my mood through the way i have done for many years. Gaming.......... I feel alone.

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