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2018-11-22 21:45:26 (UTC)

2nd of 3 Thanksgivings

So we had our 2nd Thanksgiving lunch/dinner at my place today. I'm so freaking full. My fried brought most of the stuff but I made the smoked ham and tried to be healthy with the cauliflower mash potatoes. I swear, the mashed "pretend" mash potatoes tasted pretty good. The ham was awesome. The smoke flavor was great and it permeated throughout the house. So yeah, it was a good day today. How can eating not be a good day? lol. I'm gonna pay the price when I hit the gym but so what? I go 6-7 times a week anyway so I have to say that I'm a badass when it comes to going to the gym.

Tomorrow, I may buy a big screen tv. Saw a 65" Samsung for under 700 bucks. One of those need to have items!!!! But we'll see. If I get my head on straight later, I'll come to my senses and not buy it.

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