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2018-11-21 20:37:31 (UTC)

Making new gym friends

So.... I'm making friends with more gym friends. Male and female. The females are cuties :) I have nicknames for them and they think it's cute. The guys are nice too. Nothing but good things to say about any of them. There are two or three ladies that are possibly taking extra looks at me. Maybe. Or maybe they're looking at me wondering when I will drop dead on the floor. lol. Again, I have to say that if you are having bf or gf issues, hit the gym. A gym where it's like an instructor led class type scenario. I've made so many friends at the gym. It's the one thing that kept me sane through all my hard-fought issues.

Anyway, life is getting better. I still don't poop where I eat so I make it a point not to date anyone at the gym. But man oh man it sure isn't easy when the women are so cute. But there is no way that the one place that has kept me going through all the stress I've been having, I'm not gonna fuck up my mental sanctuary. I had a good workout and a pretty good day today :)

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