deanne and Connor

our dialog
2018-11-21 10:00:00 (UTC)

my entry You requested

i am admittedly very disappointed after reading your Tuesday post because i sat in Cass for about 5 hours while i worked, as i said i would.

But anyway You gave me a task and here is my story:

I don't have to go beyond yesterday to come up with an example of "being with You". As i prepared to go to my appointment, and as i drove, i had this sensation that You were with me, coming along to "get Your slut checked and inspected" -- if that makes any sense. i got checked in for my appointment and brought to a room to undress and prepare for the "inspection". i had nothing on except for those silly paper gowns they give you. You were there, standing in the corner, as i sat waiting for Dr. P to enter.

He arrives and we go through the normal pleasantries and he asks me all the usual questions associated with this annual exam. He checks my BP a moves on to the more private "inspections". He asks if my breasts are OK or if i noticed anything abnormal. Thankfully i had nothing to report and he didn't ask to look. (You are still in the corner taking all this in.).

He asks that i scoot to the end of the table and lay back, feet up in the cold stirrups. He proceeds with the "inspection" using a cold but thankfully lubricated speculum, takes a pap smear, and concludes that all "looks" normal pending the return of the lab check. This of courses pleases You as You stand patiently in the corner awaiting the outcome of the inspection of Your "whore".

And then for whatever reason You leave my mind for the time being. i re-dress and head home to resume my work from there for the remainder of the day and hopefully visit with You in Cass. As i drive home my thoughts of You resume. i am happy that the outcome was normal though i had no reason to suspect otherwise, but now i was also heading home to visit with You.

Upon getting home my instincts tell me to change clothes before sitting down to work and visit. i remove my clothes down to my under garments and put on a robe and sit down to work on my work computer, and log into Cass on my personal computer. For the first hour i was anxiously awaiting that little verbal palace announcement that You had entered, but it didn't come. i sat there working, under-dressed, hoping. Wanting. Craving.

I wanted to drop to my knees for YOU. i wanted to spread my thighs for YOU. i wanted to do whatever it was that YOU wanted me to do.

At some point maybe an hour later i looked at my av in Cass, sitting alone. my hand slipped into my panties and touched. It was a little slippery from the residual lubricant he used with the speculum. i wanted YOU. i wanted YOU to tell me what to do. i wanted to please YOU. And i hoped to cum.

You were there with me in my head for hours. Unfortunately our time together didn't materialize. At about 4:00 i closed myself from Cass and went to my bed where i laid and slid my fingers inside my panties. i began by just rubbing my clit up and down with my index and middle finger, then that progressed to just the middle finger which slid inside each time it went past my clit. my cunt was still slippery and the finger slid effortlessly over my clit and inside, especially now that i smeared some of the residual lube onto my clit.

After my orgasm i took a quick shower, dressed and finished a few items for work before starting to prepare dinner.

That's my "report" for You. i am thinking it is not entirely what You hoped for but it was the most recent time i thought of You and me.

i hope You have a safe and happy Thanksgiving with dad.

Love always,

deborah anne