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UnDiscovered Girl
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2018-11-20 19:31:51 (UTC)

Hi,their its me again

Dear journal,


I haven't written for 4 days straight.

Not much has happened. My brother is staying for the holidays. Of coarse my mom would be excited about that. She hasn't seen the boy in months.

I'm on Thanksgiving Break. Thank goodness for that. My mom says," How does it feel?"And Honestly Idk.

I didn't get up until around one and that wasn't because I didn't go to sleep until, about four thirty in the morning and that's just normal for me.

I'm still working on the whole " Mymathlab" thing. Three more chapters to go and I'm done. I'm starting to hate math now and I don't wanna hate math.

I got my schedule for next year. Full time.

Honestly, I'm so glad to be on Thanksgiving Break. All I do is work, work,work. School work at that. But that's what college does. They work you to death. And they've definently worked me to death.

Still don't have a job at the moment. Called chick-fil-a they told me to call them back tomorrow. I was thinking about becoming a host's. But don't you need experience for that kind of thing. I've only had one job. Literally.


20 with no job. Being at home all day is getting kind of boring. And this is coming from me. I can't do this no more. The whole being at home kind of thing.

I thought I needed to write since, I haven't written 4 the past for days straight. Nothing left for me to say.

Oh, I saw my boyfriend TWICE and I'm also going to see him when we go to the movies this Friday. It's kind of like our thing. We have a thing. Ikr. Exciting.

Anyways, that's all I have for Now.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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