girls dont cry
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2018-11-20 11:24:48 (UTC)

someone else

i don't know if it's because you've been absent
for a while now
but there has been someone else
on my mind

as the days grow colder
i find myself wondering
who will keep me warm
this winter.
will it be the man
i've come to love?
the man i've put my heart and soul into?
the man that has shaped my path for years
and who has taught me
that i am so much more than weak?
or will it be the boy who means little with his words
the boy who speaks in riddles
the boy who makes my heart beat fast
telling me these things that i want to hear?

i always thought it would be you, baby
the one to put a ring on my finger and
the one who would sleep with me
every night in bed.
but i'm not sure if that's what
my heart wants anymore.
is this what falling out of love feels like?