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2018-11-19 20:15:49 (UTC)

heartbreak.... but from my bff

Today, I got the most hurtful message I can ever receive. And it was from my bff. the thing is, is that it wast even hurtful, it was just all the truth.

I had chosen my girlfriend, over my bestfriend.

She waited patiently for all this madness to go away, but it never went away. She texted me how she felt like I couldn't even call her BFF anymore because we have NO IDEA whats going on within each others lives. My heart hurts. Either way out of this, I'm not happy. I either lose the love of my life (my bff) or I lose the love of my life (my gf).

My bff and gf HATE each other. I've never seen someone hate someone so much. I wish it would just all go away. I wish I could just be happy and not feel pain. But the only way to do that is leave... but if I leave then both my gf and bff will be sad and in pain. Fuck. Someone help.