girls dont cry
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2018-11-18 07:22:08 (UTC)

love given

a wise man once told me
'love given is not love received'.
i think about this a lot;
usually about him.
i could write his name in the stars
and it would all fall silent to the earth
and her knowing embrace.
you cannot give the world to someone
that exists within it.
if holding hands were like skipping rocks
he'd see the ripples he's made within me
but it is not
and he does not
and he may never.
knowing i've dug a hole for him to lay in
he sleeps peacefully inside my chest
and wonders not of the pain it creates
when he leaves it empty.

a friend confided in me the other day.
he told me that he and his lover had watched the sunset together
and how in that moment all he wanted to do was
to be with her;
that he would wait.
he would wait until she saw the love he offered
and realized it was what she deserved.
he and i have a lot in common
like how she'll never think about that day- the sunset with him-
and how he'll never realize what he deserves.