Experienced Life
2018-11-17 12:02:45 (UTC)

Just planning my lazy ass day

So I've had my coffee. Going for round 2. My walkup gauge was mellow so today should be a nice day. Planning my day of nothing to do :) Not a bad day. I found my phone (yes, last night must've been fun) finally. It was out back in the patio table. I'm thinking of going to the cheap seats theater maybe. It's a second showing of movies that has already been out and they only charge 4 bucks to get in. There's one I didn't see yet and I'm not much of a movie buff so I can always wait for it and go only to ones with good reviews as it's already been out for awhile for peeps to see.

I do have some meetup friends going bowling later this afternoon. I may go just to say hi maybe. Dunno. It's a lazy day off today so I"m going to fill it with as much drama free events that I can think of. I think I'll sneak in a couple of single serve wine into the theatre. Then it'll still be early so I may just walk around the mall for a bit. It's not one of the bigger malls so it won't be crowded and that too is a pretty cool thing to do on this lazy Saturday.

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