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2018-11-17 10:47:42 (UTC)


Boy, I think I overdid it last night. Got my core friends to come over and play darts, drink, and eat. We had so much fun. I don't remember it all. The good thing about it is when I'm done, I just walk to my bedroom and plop in my bed. My friends all got keys so they let themselves out. lol But yeah, we played some darts and drank harder than usual. We all are going through some various life issues and we all needed a break from life. It was a fun night.

I just got up and first thing I did was to warm up some coffee I already made from yesterday, grab my laptop and curl up on this lazyboy sofa and post here on my diary while I listen to today's news given to me by Alexa. Turned on the heater for a bit coz it's cold here in the house. I slept in mh new fleece sheets and blanket so sleeping was so nice last night Didn't wake up till morning. I must've been really tired. My quads have been hurting for 3 days now. That's probably one of the most major muscles I use when I go to the crossfit daily. I was I'm missing it today. Woke up with still a slight buzz and hangover. ugh... My streak of going to the gym everyday for Nov has been broken. I just now realized I've gone to the gym everyday this month so far except for today. haha. I did pretty good :)

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