Random feelings
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2018-11-17 09:49:23 (UTC)

New roomie

Hey again, it’s me, Liam
So, what’s happened to me. Well other than loosing most of my friends and creating new ones. Not much. So, how are diary?. I’m fine oh, there is something that I could tell you about. I’ve got a new roomie. Well it’s just my step brother but it’s really great. It reminds me of before my brother moved out and I had to share a room with him. It’s just been a great bundle of laughs. I’d Synoptics recently in my school. Got my test papers back and as you might expect, I didn’t do to well. Got a level 3 in almost everything. Except physics, I aced that. 33/49. Well hey, what does school know, am I right. There’s this one girl that I sit next to in photography, she’s called dharma. She’s really pretty and I’m to scared to ask her out. What should I do? Like what about if she doesn’t like me back. Then things would just be extremely awkward. If you know what I should do, message me. And if dharma is reading this by any chance, my username should massively tell you who I am. Well, that’s all for today diary, cya next time. Byeeee