Do Not Disturb

2018-11-16 22:22:34 (UTC)

My Bad

Dear journal,

Guess who sent me friend request on Snapchat after all these years. Norbit. That's not his real name but that's what we're gonna call him for now.

Honestly, I didn't even recognize who he was until, I looked up his name on Instagram and both Facebook.

I really liked the guy. But he was to busy to be " in a relationship" or some shit like that when turns out he had another girlfriend of his own when I saw his profile picture of both him and her cuddled up. More like him cuddled up on her. This was way after we stopped communicating. I guess he deleted the picture and their no longer together.

But that's awhile back and now I have a boyfriend. I wonder what made him send me one. Maybe he felt bad and thought about me. Idk. We kissed only like once and then I kissed him. It was more of a sexual DARE between us and I guess for him to get me out of my "shy zone" and I was very shy towards him. It's always like this when it comes to guys that I really like. That are worth liking for.

I'm always having to get comfortable around a "new guy". But I guess he was just different in someway. We saw each other once and that was about it.

The kiss was great I admit but I didn't suspect him to send me a friend request after what he said to me something about "taking care of myself". I don't quit exactly remember. He seemd like a great guy. To me. Ughhhh!!!!

This is what he wants me to do. He probably knows I have a Bf. Or not. We haven't talked in awhile. And I don't think we will ever.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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