the secrets of an average teen
2018-11-15 23:11:59 (UTC)


Today the only thing on my mind is getting high and suicide. both will take my pain away.

right now I’m struggling with money. I have 3 jobs, and I’m struggling.
I feel like I’m so behind and broke the only way i’ll be debt free is by killing myself. i’m kind of hanging by a thread here. I have 82$ in my savings, and like 6$ in my checking. my stepdad wants to take out my 200$ out of my account to pay for my insurance and phone but we’ll i don’t have that. I also have to pay for my ticket which is 550$ :). And, I have to have about 1600$ by June next year to cover my expenses for Costa Rica. My life feels like there’s no point of living anymore.

I feel like I’m stuck in a really dark place and no one is noticing. I need help....

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