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2018-11-14 17:52:59 (UTC)

Day 2

So when I woke up today I felt different.
I'm not kidding
I felt thinner
I walked to the mirror
And I could see a visible difference
That motivated me to not give up
I tried doing exercises in the morning, truth be told thought of doing them but coz of waking up late and getting late for school I just couldn't do them in the morning.
Throughout the day, whenever I moved/laughed or even coughed my stomach hurt and I had to hold on to it to control it from moving.
When I came home I started doing the exercises
Same routine as yesterday
Today while doing crunches my stomach hurt like anything but despite that the rest of the body helped me or idk
Infact it was easy, I was able to do 200 crunches without break a sweat maybe because of the 19c weather but id like to think it's because of me.
Then I did 100 jumping jacks, then plank for 1 min 30 sec then 50 reverse crunches
Anyway I felt happier today
And I will definitely continue this routine for a week and see the changes
I'm also maintaining a close eye on my diet
Have fun :)