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2018-11-15 06:51:48 (UTC)

It's been a bad few months for my friends

Damn it! My friends are really having a tough time these past few months. One friend has a 13 yr old daughter that got in trouble in school. So bad that she had to wear an ankle monitor. She beat up another girl (in self defense) but because she was standing and the other wasn't, she got blamed for it. That's the story anyway.

My other friends are husband and wife. Both their cars broke down. One needs to have an engine replaced. The husband had to go to the hospital for a few days a couple of months ago. Since then, his wife asked me about my diet since I've been working out and eating right for a year now. I gave her my info and he's been losing weight ever since and is doing better. Now she has gall stones and may or may not need surgery.

My other friend isn't taking care of himself at all. We think he is getting mini strokes sometimes. He still keeps drinking and we think he is killing himself slowly but won't stop.

My other friend had to go see her Mom in an emergency just a few days ago. Her Mom is dying I think. No details yet but that is what I got from the little info from her.

My other friend just told me last night that her car broke down. She was going to buy my car but I haven't bought another new car yet so I can't sell it and I'm thinking I may not sell it and keep two cars. Not sure yet on that. Anyway, she said it'll cost 1400 bucks to fix. In addition, she says she is having surgery. She is taking a tumor out of her arm. Then they'll check it to see if it's cancerous or not.

Seems like a bullshit post but I swear it isn't. Makes my little heartbreak issue so small compared to them. I still haven't shaken it off but I now know why I had that issue yesterday. I had it because I got into that little disagreement with my co-worker. I don't have anyone to fall back to or even tell how my day went. I felt a little upset and wanted to talk to someone. However, I don't have that someone to talk to. My friends already have lost any sympathy for me because it's already been a few months and breakups where it wasn't a marriage isn't regarded as being serious. Even though the pain is just as bad. Or, they too have to deal with their issues and they are just trying to survive like I am. I do know that I can't get into it at work like what happened the other day even though that co-worker is an idiot. I need to just stay away from him for my sanity.

I hope that things take a turn for the better for my friends in 2019. Hopefully we all turn it around in 2019.

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