Learning, Living and Growing
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2018-11-14 19:41:36 (UTC)

New Beginnings

Have you ever had a time in your live when you started to question everything you had ever thought or known about yourself? This has been my life for the past 3 months. After a bad break-up left me feeling absolutely worthless and not good enough, I began to question if maybe that was the truth. I began to surround my self with new people...positive people and I began to see myself in a different light.

The word of today a jealous. Today I was told I have jealousy issues but as I think about it I don't feel that is the truth. If someone would have said that 3-5 years ago I would have agreed 110% but today I don't think so. I think what comes off as jealousy is simply emotions of inadequacy. Emotions of feeling not quite good enough. Instead of focus these emotions and flipping them to I am good enough thoughts I make comments about those who I feel are superior to me in some way... typically girls. If I am going to be good enough for someone, I will be good enough for them without the snooty comments coming from my mouth. So to all of those women I apologize, I should be lifting you up not tearing you down because of my insecurities.

My goals for the remainder of the week (and life) is to lift up those women around me.