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2018-11-14 09:23:34 (UTC)

Checking my gauge

So this morning, I woke up and feel ok. No stress. However, when I went to get the coffee grounds and grinder out of the cubbard and started making my coffee, I have to admit the flashbacks of when I was doing the same thing at what's her face's house in the morning. Now it's coffee for one. You see, I make a big enough batch so I don't have to grind and make coffee everyday. Today I got the flashback and sent me down a little. Not much but any reminder isn't healthy. Now I feel like calling in sick. I just may.

I actually just now called in sick. Mental stress from my idiot co-worker at work. Called and let my boss know. He is aware now. Then dealing with my demons just takes the wind out of my sails. Can't wait for gym class later today.