What Lies Within
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2018-11-14 02:32:24 (UTC)


First time here... Hi guys. just looking for more ways to express myself. please no judgement......So many questions…. Not enough answers.. No one to trust to ask for answers to those questions. So I seek me way. I look high & low all around but yet I'm unfulfilled. There's something greater there a light within that I'm sincerely searching for but can't seem to find because of all the lies & beliefs & the nonsense that has been instilled into me constantly. Is that my fault? Yes for allowing these things to become apart of who I am. Searching for a way to overcome I continue to fight & fight every battle that's thrown my way. I hold my head high I smile oh god do I smile….. everyday single minute of the day I smile you never know who my need it more than yourself. Who am I? I want to know I want to grow I want to succeed.