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2018-11-13 17:26:11 (UTC)

Day 1

Okay so I took my measurements today. I don't think it helped me much because I completely failed to take measurements properly.
Small and easy task yet ..
So while taking my measurements, I realised I don't have much belly fat but mostly side fat.
I also have chubby cheeks, hands and thighs.
So for 1 week I'll try to focus mostly on my belly and side fat.
Anyway without losing my spirit I still decided on continuing my workout.
I started with doing a plank of 45 seconds, then a break of 5 seconds, then again a plank of 45 seconds.
Then I did 200 crunches, I guess it took me about 10 minutes? I'm not sure.
After that I did 100 jumping jacks in 1 minute and 30 seconds.
I thought of doing 50 situps but failed completely because my stomach hurt too much so I cancelled it out.
Then I did 50 reverse crunches which was surprisingly relaxing.
Then I did 20 leg shifts.
I'm not sure if I did every workout properly but I'm happy with the initiation.
Anyhow my stomach hurts when I laugh when I move. But for the next one week I'm going to continue this routine without any backlog.