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2018-11-13 08:03:30 (UTC)

Darts last night and me going huh??

Well, I played in my dart league last night. We barely won. My partner and I did ok. We won 7-6 but we sucked otherwise. I know why I did badly. I tried to change my workout to mornings on the day I play darts. I used to not workout on the day I played darts. Well, it didn't work out so well. It still felt like throwing a brick from time-to-time. But we still won so we have to enjoy the moment. Not sure if we'll be in 1st place in the division though but oh well. I know I won't workout on days I play darts anymore. lol

Also, I was approached last night by someone that recently got married maybe about 3-4 months ago. Her name is Cynthia. Just a dart friend but she asked me what my status is relationship wise. Weird ass question because we aren't facebook friends and we just pretty much say hi when we play darts. Anyway, I told her. I'm a single dude and not seeing anyone. So she says she has a friend and she wants to introduce me to her. I was thinking huh? What is going on here? I'm pretty sure I don't have a sign saying "please date me" on my back. Not complaining mind you. Not doing so well in the dating field so I look forward to it. I just don't know where the heck that conversation came from.

So here are to new beginnings. Glad they are here. Who knows where we go in the path of life. We never know what's ahead. I'm glad things do pop up in life that isn't planned.

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