♛ Bratty Princess Sapphire♛

♛ Bratty Princess Sapphire♛
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2018-11-13 08:49:51 (UTC)

My Avatar on Secondlife

In a way, my avatar is an art of my inter expression. We give full expression to our inner selves through our avatars. That little doll is important to me. She has a kind of life of her own. That was true right from the start. Of course she doesn't
have independent existence, but just like a character in a novel, she behaves in a consistent, realistic manner. She behaves in a way that fits her on-going story. I cannot, or at least would not, make her do just anything. A novelist loves her characters. I love mine, and I love many of those she interacts with, characters constantly being "written" by other "novelists
Second Life is a lot of things for me. I've given up on trying to separate immersion from augmentation. For me, SL is both immersion in fantasy and social networking with real people. I interact with real people through a virtual world in which all kinds of fantastic things are possible.In SL, I am not solitary. I wish I could enjoy solitary time more, use it to explore or whatever,

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