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2018-11-12 13:47:29 (UTC)

Cutting off the cancer

So today, I finally did something I thought I needed to do. This is regarding the ex wife. She still texts me and she still does her now boring mind games with me. Dangling the kids, or talking about the past and what went wrong, etc, etc. I was being nice and just tried to be cordial and all that for awhile now. The shit she used to put me through is water under the bridge. I hold no ill will towards her anymore and she lives her life and does what she wants with her life and so be it. I don't tell her much about me and what I do. None of her business anyway.

But now that I have time to reflect on this and since it's almost at the end of the year, I thought I'd do some mental house cleaning. I concluded that she has no positive input for my life anymore. There really isn't anything we can discuss that may make me feel better or better my life. I know for a fact that she won't ever let me hang with the kids. She don't even let me talk to them over the phone because as she says, "they will miss me if we talked". lol. Crazy people with the crazy thoughts. I can't fix stupid so I just shrug my shoulders and move on with my life.

Anyway, I told her that we shouldn't be or need to be in communication anymore. Not doing me any good nor is it doing any good for her neither. So I said we should just stop texting/emailing each other. I personally need to make room for what's left of my life. Hopefully, I can still fill it with some fun exciting new memories. That awaits to be seen but I'm ready for it. I know it won't just flop on my lap so I'm out there getting busy socializing with friends and events as much as I can.