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2018-11-12 12:45:36 (UTC)

Day off today

So we have a holiday today and I"m just chilling enjoying my day. I changed my bedding to fleece pillow cases, sheets, and blankets. It's nice and cozy now. Slept in it for the first time last night and it was wonderful. Woke up and gauged myself again and had very little reactance with my breakup realization which I love. No longer having to fake it to make it if that is what I was doing. Dunno but it feels good to feel good about myself.

Went to a morning workout and once again I kicked butt. Not usually a morning guy and this other guy was trying to make like a badass and so I let him go. Then when it came to working out, he was struggling, lifting less, running out of gas. haha. So I put him down a peg or two. Sorry, it's just fun competition and I don't like it too much where you are there to show off instead of just work on yourself and your health.

Then I went to a little Mom and Pop breakfast joint and had a nice morning breakfast there. Later, I went to a store with nice smelling candles and I just had an impulse to buy some scented candles. After all, it's getting close to the holidays so I bought some and why wait? I lit one up right aways and it's on right now as I type my post.

I'm listening more to this guy names Noah on youtube and listening to his stuff repeatedly. I'm getting better at it as I can really absorb it a lot more now. I am more in control of what I am experiencing in life and now I'm getting to understand the philosophy of his vids. At first, I was listening to it to survive and keep my emotions in check. Now I'm listening to it as more of an enhancing my life and perspective experience. So I'm here, typing away, listening to some soft music, smelling the nice scent coming from my candle and a little smile on my face.

It's a nice peaceful day so far and it's nice :)

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