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2018-11-12 15:37:06 (UTC)

Wasn't Expecting That

I'm not expecting anything, as it goes. The song is just currently playing. I love this song, it's filled with so much love yet inevitable heartbreak. It takes a lot to make me cry but it does almost get me a little teary. I'll leave the link below.

Monday is 'Study Day' and I think today is the first time I've actually took the time to do some work on a Monday. I've finished my Social Science assignment, thank God. It's been a difficult topic. It's not hard, it's just hard to get excited about. My motivation levels dropped significantly but it has to be in for tomorrow. I had to do an assignment on the welfare state of Britain. We had to talk about the wall street crash, the great depression and a few other things. We had to do a diary entry too which has to be about 750 words or so. I really struggled. I'm at 654 words and I don't feel like I can do any more. I honestly feel like half of the class won't have even done it. It isn't the end of the world if people don't do it, they will just miss out on credits that they may potentially need for next year. So really, they should do it. It's only 3 credits or so and I think we need at least 60 to be able to go onto Access/any other course we desire. I've finished my science assignment too. I'm not really that into chemistry but we're moving onto Biology in a week or two so hopefully I'll be more invested in that. I really like my science teacher.

I feel like I've upset somebody in the college and I don't really know how or what it is that I've done. I think he has some sort of learning difficulty or something. I know he is really struggling with the course and I think he may even get kicked out soon. He doesn't do any of the work that he's tasked with. He added me on Facebook, when we originally started. He seems a nice guy, very shy though. I've always been nice to him, always said hello and things like that. He decided to make a group on Facebook and everybody from our class is now in it. I decided to scroll down and see who was in the group and I noticed that he had deleted me. I was like 'Oh...okay then'. I asked around the class a little bit and asked if I had wronged him or offended him or something. People were none the wiser. Nobody knew what I had supposedly done to this guy! He added my friend Aaron from college too but then removed him. He hasn't deleted anybody else. Just us two. It's so bizarre. I decided that I would ask him and see. If I had done anything to upset him, I wanted to be able to rectify it and apologise.

I tried to get straight down to business and ask him what was up but before I could, he started talking to me about wrestling. I went along with it. I found this even more strange because he had deleted me but now he wants a conversation? I played along with it and we talked for about 45 minutes. We spoke about WWE, films and a few other things. He didn't come into college on Friday so I took the opportunity to message him, ask if he was okay and then slip in "I noticed you removed me and Aaron from Facebook, how come?". He didn't respond for about 20 minutes and then he hit me with this, wait for it...:- "I just chose you guys at random, I like the number 84". Indicating that he had 84 friends on Facebook and preferred to keep it that way. I was a bit stunned, considering it was him who added me. I said to him that it was a bit rude/hurtful, not that I'm hurt or anything but it was just odd. I tried to make a comparison about if I had a house party and I invited a lot of people but I only wanted 13 there because that was my favourite number, so I had to tell 4 people they couldn't come, that would be a bit harsh. He completely ignored that. So I asked him if he had a problem with me and Aaron. He said no, he didn't have a problem with either of us. We've just found out today now that he's blocked us both on Facebook. I don't understand the guy at all. He doesn't really come into college anymore as it is but it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow if he does.

We've always been quite warm and welcoming to him. He joined us for a science experiment and stuff like that. We've never isolated or not included him in anything. I just find it very bizarre. Our other friend Allan (who still had him on Facebook) mentioned that he went higher than 84 friends, so he basically lied to us. I mean, we knew that anyway. It's just funny. Allan decided to delete him from Facebook so he went back down to '84' friends. It was after Allan deleted him that we found out that he had blocked me and Aaron. He probably thinks we put him up to it. I don't know. I'm not here to make friends or anything like that but I don't want to be considered some sort of 'bully' or something like that. I'm really curious as to what I've done to upset him. The guy is bizarre, he's really nice but he could also be a murderer. If I stop writing here and I haven't left some sort of 'This is the end' entry, you know what's happened to me. He's claimed my soul.

Jamie Lawson - Wasn't Expecting That :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-lI_tgQMMk


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