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2018-11-12 08:18:17 (UTC)

No Such Thing

"No" isn't a suggestion, Its a statement. It's not something you can just hear, you have to listen to it and understand it. You have to pay attention and see how powerful this one little word it. There is no such thing as "flawless", everyone and/or thing has a flaw. It doesn't have to be prominent or upfront. It can be hidden underneath healed scar tissue or buried underneath those shattered bones. I believe that one day everything and everyone will die so why should we have to matter? Whether its one second or one hundred years. Everything has an end. Do you know what neutrinos are? They're white see-through (invisible) particles that are always near atoms but barley even touch each other (like once in 100 years). That's what we are. Tiny invisible particles attempting to be apart of something bigger and better but no matter how much we try we only get seen once in 100 years. Nothing matters. So why is there such thing as life? Because its worth the wait. Even if we get noticed only once in 100 years its amazing. Whether its by someone you adore or if its by a stranger, it still feels amazing when you get appreciated.