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2018-11-11 07:01:25 (UTC)

Busy days :)

I'm having a busy weekend so far. Started from Thursday I had a get together at my place with my gym peeps. Small crowd. Just the 4 of us. Then Friday, we had the big Gala event as it was called. Our gym was once again voted the number one gym either in this State of City. Forgot what but it was fun. Nice to see everyone dressed up instead of seeing each other in gym clothes.

Some of the women in our gym I didn't even recognize at first. But after we started chatting, then I recognized them and it was nice. Not too many guys from our gym went so I got most of the attention with our gym women which is just fine with me. I'm not a dancer or clubbing sort of guy but when you're with 5 women friends that tells you to go dancing with them, well you have to go. It wasn't uncomfortable at all. At the time, I realized this was the first time I was dancing since I lost all that weight. The last time was when I was near 200 pounds and I couldn't even jump up and down to the music because I was too heavy and so out of shape. Now..... different story. It was a fun night.

Yesterday after the gym, I asked my friends if they wanted to play some darts. Good thing they didn't because I had too many things to catch up on and then there was the house warming party I had to attend to that night. I'll post separately on the house warming party. Got some things to say about that.

Otherwise, I checked my wake up gauge this morning and the needle didn't even really spike much. I'm thankful with how the human spirit can heal and get stronger. Simply amazed actually because I wasn't doing so good a few months ago. Looking back, I've come a long way :) Still not much luck with the online dating sites. I think I'm not really trying so much and like I said, there is about 95 percent white woman on there and although I'm not caring about the race they are, it may not be reciprocating but I'm good with this. I'm just happy I'm not stressing out so much anymore.

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