Random feelings
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2018-11-10 22:12:45 (UTC)


Hey guys, if you can’t tell by the name of this entry, I’m extremely bored. Me and my sister just spent about three hours bonding over how bad our old TikToks used to be 😂. The only super eventful thing that’s happened is my diet but I won’t bore you with that because this is a public diary. Ohh, actually, I’ve started writing a book. It’s about this young girl who runs away from home, I know right, depressing. But it’s all part of my big scheme to become more mature with my life. Like I’m in year 10, I have Synoptics in February and I still laugh at people saying ICUP. So that’s how I realised that I should grow up a little bit. Anyway, that’s sort of all for today, I will try and write everyday (as I said yesterday) but I don’t always do interesting things. See ya for now. Liam