Do Not Disturb

2018-11-10 06:55:33 (UTC)

Well Played

Dear journal,

So, I'm no longer talking to that Christian guy ( A.K.A. "Brian"). It wasn't gonna work out anywyas. He kept begging me to go to this concert with him but turns out he asked another girl that he all of a sudden "likes" and their going instead. I admit that really hurted me. And I actually believed that he " loved me". Not that I would care and like he said I do have a boyfriend. But even if, I were to be single I wouldn't think it would work out anyways if, we were actually " in a relationship". I felt hurt. I was just confused.

But anyways, I bloccked him from both Instagram and both Facebook. I mean how can someone just ask you to go to a concert and then ask another girl. We never dated we just talked. He told me he loved me but I never said it back then I actually started to develop feelings for him and that is wrong I know because my boyfriend and all.

I really don't deserve to be in a relationship because of bullshit things like this happens and me constantly falling for other guys besides the guys that I'm currently in a relationship with. Love sucks.

I'm still a bit pissed about it. But by the morning I should be okay. I mean I have a boyfriend that who not only treats me right but gives me all the attention I need. Maybe to much attention. And yes I to like to sometimes have a little space of my own. He calls me every so oftem okay maybe like every so 24/7. I'm emotionally writing this if, that's even a thing. Well played Christian... Well played.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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