Random feelings
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2018-11-09 23:44:42 (UTC)


Hey there, I’ve been feeling bored and wanted to mature lately so I thought I might as well keep a diary type thing. So, how are you, I’m alright, just had a busy week, finished Synoptics recently and that’s how I realised how much this could actually effect me if I don’t change my ideas and mature a tiny bit 😂. But anyway, friends are useless. I think I’d much rather be the lonely kid than have the friends I have right now. Trust me, they’re not nice. Well there’s Nathan who’s alright when it’s just me and him. There’s Tyler who was alright till he met Frankie, Alyx and joe. But he’s doing what I’m doing and changing. There’s a the previously mentioned Frankie, Alyx and joe, who are just natural knobs. And then there’s Hammad. The innocent but tries to fit in. I can tell that Hammad doesn’t like being weird but does it anyway. The only real thing that’s fun about school anymore is photography. It’s a great laugh in that. But I’m pretty sure that’s more dharma than the subject tbh.

Well that’s the only interesting thing that’s happened recently, I’ll update at least weekly so you don’t miss out. Cya later. Liam