Watasumi Kasai

Complaining about shit
2018-10-16 07:03:59 (UTC)


Whenever I come running here, it always because I'm hurt and need to vent. I really do need to just talk about more mundane things. I spend a lot of time of final fantasy 14, leveling up dps class after dps class lol. I'm kinda desperate for stint of normalcy. Even though I don't quite know what normal is, at this point just being able to play my game is what's normal-ish. Oh I've also gotten back into anime, I have a new love for it now, thanks to Boku no Hero Academia. Speaking of this series, I went to see the movie with my mom and her husband. Yeah yeah, even I think it's sad that my old ass went to see a children's movie with parent....but I had so much fun. I guess I'll end this for now.

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