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2018-11-07 12:43:05 (UTC)

I'm so sick of being ..

I'm so sick of being anxious.
It's like this creature that has it's claws dug so deep into my back that i feel like i'll never be able to shake it off. I feel like i'm too deep to ever get rid of this. I'll tell myself time after time to stop caring about what everyone thinks but does it ever actually make a difference?
How much of my youth am i going to waste just overthinking. Or being frozen in fear over something that no one else would think twice about.
I want to shed my anxiety like a snake does with it's skin.
It's just this stupid and irrelevant instinct i have and it serves absolutely no purpose but to ruin my life. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. LET ME BE CARELESS. LET ME BE CONFIDENT. LET ME NOT CARE. And it's me holding me back. It's part of me now. It would be like cutting off a part of me. I don't even know where to begin. I hate this and I don't want it anymore.
Please help me.

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